The platform utilises special agent software that is installed on edge devices to enable seamless integration and efficient processing of data flows at the edge. This agent serves as an interface between the edge devices and the platform and ensures smooth communication and data transfer. The agent is designed to be hardware-independent and compatible with any edge device that supports a Linux distribution and Docker. This flexibility allows for easy implementation and scalability in a variety of edge computing environments. Some of the key features of the agent are:

  • Data collection and pre-processing: the agent collects data from various sensors and machines connected to the edge device. It performs pre-processing tasks such as data filtering, aggregation and transformation to ensure that the data is in the desired format for further processing.

  • Secure communication: The agent establishes secure and encrypted communication channels between the edge devices and the platform. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted data and protects it from unauthorised access or manipulation.

  • Resource management: The agent optimises the use of computing resources on the edge devices. It manages the allocation of CPU, memory and storage resources to ensure efficient processing of data flows while maintaining the overall performance of the edge device.

  • Edge computing capabilities: By running the agent on edge devices, enables edge computing capabilities. This means that data processing and analysis can be performed directly on the edge devices, reducing the need for data transfer to a central server. This enables real-time decision making and faster response times, especially in scenarios where low latency is critical.

You can find the GitHub repository here.

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