Hybrid Architecture

Best of both worlds.

The hybrid architecture of beeta.one combines the advantages of a cloud-based application with local data processing. This approach allows organisations to take advantage of the latest features and capabilities of the cloud-based application, while data processing takes place on-premises to ensure increased security and performance. The cloud-based application, represented by the beeta.one user interface, provides you with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to design and manage their data flows. Users can benefit from the latest updates and features of the cloud-based application to ensure they have access to the most advanced functionalities.

However, the actual processing of the data takes place on edge computers that are located on-premise. This means that sensitive data remains within the organisation, addressing data privacy and security concerns. By processing data locally, organisations can benefit from lower latency, improved response times and increased efficiency.

The hybrid architecture of beeta.one enables organisations to strike a balance between the benefits of cloud-based applications and the security and benefits of local data processing. It enables seamless integration of the latest cloud-based capabilities while providing the control and compliance required for on-premise processing of sensitive data.

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