Building Blocks & SDK

Our platform offers an extensive collection of over 80 building blocks that allows you to create custom data flows and realise the full potential of your IoT implementations. These building blocks, known as "Blocks" on our platform, are released under an open source licence, giving users the ability to review the code and ensure transparency.

The blocks are divided into three categories: Input, Processing and Output, and provide a wide range of data processing capabilities. Each block is implemented as a Docker container, which ensures compatibility and scalability. They communicate via a standardised interface that enables the integration of different programming languages within a single data flow.

In addition to the pre-built blocks, users can develop custom blocks with our SDK and add them to their data flows. This flexibility enables the integration of specific functions and customised solutions to meet unique business requirements.

In order to run the block, the beeta.platform uses a configuration file to tie together the static assets. The configuration file holds basic metadata for that block, as well as configuration parameters for running the block. Additionally, the configuration file points to externally stored assets. Most importantly, the configuration file holds the URL for the container image, which is held in a container registry. Additionally, user interface affordances are held in the configuration file.

Through the modular structure of our blocks and the ability to create custom extensions, our platform provides organisations with the flexibility to customise and digitise their IoT implementations to meet specific business needs.

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