Deploy and maintain data flows on a variety of devices simultaneously.

Orchestration is a central feature of our beeta.one platform that enables you to deploy data flows on a variety of edge devices. With orchestration, users can seamlessly manage and coordinate the execution of data flows on multiple edge devices to ensure efficient and scalable data processing.

By providing a centralised platform for orchestrating data flows, beeta.one enables you to efficiently distribute workloads, optimise resource usage and scale your deployments on demand. The benefits of beeta.one's orchestration feature are manifold.

Firstly, you now can easily deploy and manage data flows on a large number of edge devices regardless of their geographical location. This enables the efficient processing of data close to its source, reducing latency and improving overall system performance.

Secondly, orchestration simplifies the management of complex data flow topologies. You can define dependencies between different components of data flows to ensure that data is processed in the correct order and results are delivered accurately. This ensures data integrity and consistency across the entire edge computing infrastructure.

In addition, beeta.one's orchestration feature provides scalability and flexibility. Dynamically scale your deployments by adding or removing edge devices as needed without disrupting the overall data flow. This enables seamless expansion and contraction of the edge computing infrastructure according to changing business requirements.

In summary, beeta.one's orchestration feature is a powerful platform feature that enables you to deploy and manage data flows on edge devices in small to large fleets.

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